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Frequently Asked Questions about LITEBOX Mobile Storage

How Is LITEBOX Different From A Traditional Self-Storage Facility?
Load and un-load only once! We deliver storage containers right to your door. There’s no need to rent a truck or make multiple trips to the storage facility. You pack and unpack one time reducing your workload and reducing the wear on your belongings. And your items are stored inside a climate-controlled, secure warehouse.

Will My Large Household Items Fit In A Mobile Storage Unit?
Almost all household goods will fit into our Mobile Storage units, including couches, king-size beds, armoires, refrigerators and baby-grand pianos. The maximum length or height that will fit into the container is 93″.

How Many Containers Will I Need?
On average, each box will hold approximately 1 1/2 rooms of household items.  With our flexpricing, if you are unsure on how many you will need, we can deliver extra boxes to your door.  We will not charge you for those boxes that you do not use.  It’s simple, no hassle, no worries, and no questions.  No problem!

What’s The Delivery Process Like?
The storage containers arrive on a smooth riding, air-suspension, flat-bed truck. Our highly skilled drivers then use a forklift to unload the containers and place them in the most convenient location for you to load or unload. If you can’t be there for delivery, don’t worry. We’ll place the containers based on your instructions and leave a Welcome Package filled with information and tips to get you started.

Will My Belongings Be Safe In A LITEBOX?
Each LITEBOX is secured with your own lock, and you are the only person to keep a key. The LITEBOX containers are made of pressure-treated plywood providing an environmentally friendly space for your possessions. Wooden containers breathe so moisture and excessive heat will not become trapped inside causing mold and mildew to grow. Furthermore, our warehouses are fully climate controlled, so you can be sure your items will be returned in the same condition as they entered storage.

How Do I Pack The Containers To Keep The Contents From Shifting?
Pack the boxes to avoiding empty space and protect furniture and fragile items with moving blankets, bubble wrap and moving boxes. Place heavier items on the bottom and distribute weight evenly throughout the containers.

How Long Do I Have To Load Or Unload My Container?
It’s up to you. We can schedule a same day delivery and pickup or you can take your time and schedule pick-up after you’re finished.

Do The Containers Lock?
All containers must be locked prior to pickup and transit to our warehouse. You can purchase a lock from LITEBOX or provide your own, but containers must be locked. For your security, we do not keep keys to your lock, so make sure you keep them in a safe place.

Does LITEBOX Provide Help Packing The Containers?
We have able partners who provide this service. Whether you just need additional assistance with your larger items or are looking for a complete pack-and-load (down to the last teaspoon in the kitchen drawer), LITEBOX can arrange for experienced, professional movers to load your boxes.

Can I Access My Belongings While They Are In Storage?
You can call or email us to schedule access to your container(s). We are available 6 days a week (Monday – Saturday) between 8:00 – 5:00 p.m. per appointment.

Are Your Warehouses Secured? Where they Located?
All LITEBOX facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art smoke, fire and alarm systems. All sites are continuously taped and monitored. Furthermore, customers are asked to provide identification and must sign in before proceeding to the customer-access area. Security procedures are thorough and strictly enforced throughout each facility.We are centrally located in King of Prussia but we deliver all over the Philadelphia area.

Can you guarantee a delivery time or window?
We must make deliveries and pickups in the most efficient order. We recommend getting delivery the day before you plan to pack and load the self storage units and having them picked up the day after you are finished loading. And you don’t have to be there for either delivery or pickup. Just leave you cell phone number when you order and the driver can call you onsite for instructions as to exactly where you want your LITEBOXES placed.